Events around the world we'll be organizing, speaking at, or just soaking up.

For more information about speaking, workshops, or events please contact Julie Starke* via email.

*A note about Julie from Dr. Nichols:

Outside of my family, Julie Starke is the person I trust to speak on my behalf regarding decisions about Blue Mind, speaking engagements and participation in media projects. She is currently based in Maryland and has held many titles (manager, producer, designer, editor, communicator) but none of them suffice to describe our professional relationship.

While I don't work for Julie and she doesn't work for me, we do work together collaboratively and have done so for more than five years. She is as committed to figuring out and delivering what you need as well as to working to make our blue planet better as anyone you'll meet. And she always does so with kindness, creativity, generosity and her signature personal touch. People go out of their way to let me know how much they enjoy working with Julie on their event. That kind of 'customer service' is becoming increasingly rare.

And that's why we are friends and colleagues. I know you'll enjoy working with her as much as I do.

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Jan 24-30, 2013 - 15th Annual Grupo Tortuguero Symposium + Sea Turtle Expedition

Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico