2016 Blue Mind Tribe

Our little blue tribe in 2016!

Thank you to all of our past Blue Mind supporters and for all who have made a recurring contribution to our efforts in 2016!

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You are truly the ones who keep us running.

Craig Adams

Holly Adams

Barbara Andrews

Lindsay Andrews

Sara Bayles

Jean Beasley

Betty Belts

Valerie Bone

Robert Block

Cheryle Brandsma

Thomas Brightman

Nancy Buermeyer

Peter Crigger

Elizabeth Cunningham

Holly Danyliw

Randall Decker

Christine Dillion

Timothy R. Dykman

Elk Coast Institute

Brendan Godley

Carroll Harrington

Jane Henderson

Donna Howe

Ireslab, Inc

Cherilyn Jose

Journey Mexico

Linda Kinninger

Lorne Lanning

Michelle LaVigne

Andrew Lewin

George Brad Nahill

DeAnn Olsen

Timothy O'Shea

Kat Peterson

Nancy Peterson

Rebecca Scotti and Zachary Rabinor

Patricia Rogers

Robin Rush

Ben Scheelk


Smart Fin

Nicole Stephenson

Sonja Stilp

Sustainable Surf

Diane E Talbert

Judy Toupin

Timothy Vogel

Andrea Wong

Sally Wright

Sheila Youngblood