The 2015 LiVBLUE Angels

Our blue tribe in 2015!

Thank you to our LiVBLUE Angels for making a recurring contribution to our efforts in 2015!

To make a monthly donation and  join our Blue Tribe, please go here.

Craig Adams

Barbara Andrews

Lindsay Andrews

Mark Armen

Holly Bailey

Sara Bayles

Jean Beasley

Susan Beers

Nancy Buermeyer

Jo Ann Buysee

Brock Cahill

Michael Coyne

Holly Danyliw

Scott Davis, The Turquoise Reef Group

Jan Dawe

Susan Dean

Randall Decker

Ginny Dickey

Timothy Dykman

Katherine Dykman

Erin Ely

Helmut Fritz, The Davenport Roadhouse

Dr. MA Greenstein

Jennifer Heflin

Jane Henderson

Anton Holland

Donna Howe

Lynn Huff

Farhana Huq

Kiki Jenkins

Aileen Johnson (dedicated to Rose, Ted and Snoopy Johnson to save the oceans.)

Harold Johnson

Cherilyn Jose

Lindsey Jurca

Linda and Tony Kinninger

Sarah Kornfeld

Agustina Lagos Marmol,Dolomite Mountains Expeditions

Andrew Lewin

Brian Linton / United By Blue

Kent and Leolani Lowry

Ceci Madruga

William MacDonald

Carolyn McClellan

Laury McInerny

Lebaron Meyers

Jaclyn Mousoulias

George Nahill

Claire Nelson

Louise and Brooks Nelson

Cheri Faso Olf

Timothy O'Shea

Margo Pellegrino

Kat Peterson

Nancy Peterson

Amy Posey

Rebecca & Zachary Rabinor, Journey Mexico

Michael Roberts

Mark Romero

Maureen Ryan

Jay Schlum

Sam Scott

Soni Singh

Todd Steiner

Sonja, Everest & Clark Stilp

Carrie Silver Stock

Mary Coffey Strand

Daniel Swink

Thomas Tepper

Shane Toohey, Peak Teams

Megan vanDyke

Nicholas Vitale

Marc Ward

Helene Webman (dedicated to Leo and Ruth Okin to help blue minds expand.)

Morgan Wiley

Virginia Williams

Andrea Wong

Ann Young

Sheila Youngblood