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Reconnecting People to Water



The Summits: Our annual meetings and workshops.

Our Annual Blue Mind Summits are unique events that bring together neuroscience, psychology, art, creativity, water, and conservation. In 2011, the first Blue Mind Summit was held in San Francisco and in 2012 the second was held on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. We held Blue Mind 3 May 30th, 2013 on Block Island. You can review the live stream HERE. On June 11th, 2014: Blue Mind 4Open The Blue Door gathered at Bedruthan Steps in Cornwall, UK. In May 2015 the Blue Mind 5 SummitUrban Blue was held in Washington, DC. Blue Mind 6I Wish You Water was in May 2016 at Asilomar on the Monterey Peninsula of California. Blue Mind 7 was hosted by the Wisconsin Lakes Partnership and Northwest Passage on April 4 - 6, 2017. Our 8th Annual Summit: Blue Mind Rx: Water Is Medicine will be held on June 8th, 2018 World Oceans Day, in Miami, Florida.

The Blue Mind Experience @ CBE MIIS

"Not properly valuing nature is dangerous business." ~ Dr. Jason Scorse, Director of the Center for the Blue Economy

During the fall academic term (Sept 4th through Dec 11th) we will offer a one of a kind Blue Mind course through the Center for the Blue Economy at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey. The course will explore the cognitive, emotional, psychological, social and spiritual benefits of healthy oceans and waterways across nine major #WETHEARTS sectors of society.

  • Water & Food Infrastructure (One Water)
  • Environment & Conservation (Live Blue)
  • Technology & Innovation (Virtual Water)
  • Health & Wellbeing (Blue Health)
  • Education & Parenting (Blue Schools)
  • Arts, Architecture & Design (Urban Blue)
  • Real Estate & Planning (Blue Premium)
  • Travel & Leisure (Water Trips)
  • Sports & Recreation (Blue Gym)

Students will learn from international panels of experts, conduct independent research projects and consultations, keep journals, and participate in water-related field trips. Full credit enrollment, continuing education unit certificates, and online proxy options will be offered. Send us an email if you'd like to be kept informed.


The Blue Marbles Project: Share the Love.

A global, slow motion art project is passing a blue marble through every hand on Earth as a simple symbol of peace, gratitude, water and health. Get a bag of blue marbles and join the movement!

2017 Blue Mind Worldwide Online Book Club: Let's Read Together!

A unique ten week read - along event for waterfront communities and independent booksellers around the world. Sponsored by Radio Hatteras, Buxton Village Books and Blue Mind Life. Daily excerpts from Blue Mind will be broadcast on Radio Hatteras along with weekly interviews with the author featuring questions from readers and guest protagonists from the book. Proceeds and donations benefit Radio Hatteras and the Blue Mind Fund. Read along with water-loving friends around the world on my official Facebook page ’til March 25th. Live daily readings + Sunday discussions at 6pm PST.

Blue Mind Rx: Healthy, Wild Waters Can Be Lifelong Medicine for All People.

What good is a healthy mind and body without a healthy planet? In the future doctors will prescribe time near, in, on and under water to their patients. Please share this statement with doctors, health professionals, and associated researchers. Supporting literature and a list of endorsers can be found following the statement. Email endorsements to: A final statement and endorsements will be shared at for all to circulate. Include your full name, relevant information (affiliation is optional), and location.

The Award: The Annual Blue Mind Award Celebrates Action.

The Third Annual Blue Mind Award will recognize the steadfast and tireless work of the community of Carbondale, Illinois to bring #BlueMind benefits to everyone. Join us in Chicago on September 27th, 2016 at The 3rd Coast Cafe & Wine Bar.

The Book: An International Bestseller called Blue Mind.

The Surprising Science That Shows How Being Near, In, On, or Under Water Can Make You Happier, Healthier, More Connected, and Better at What You Do. Little, Brown & Company. New York, NY.

“I feel I belong in the water—I feel we all belong in the water, I cease to be a sort of obsessed intellect and a shaky body, and I just become a porpoise.” ~ Dr. Oliver Sacks

"In this profound study, biologist and researcher Nichols shares the many ways in which water positively impacts not just our lives, but also our minds." ~ Publishers Weekly

"My grandfather would go there, and so shall we." ~ Celine Cousteau

The SequelGo Deeper: The Seven Ages of Water.

Support the writing of the sequel to Blue Mind via the #GoDeeper Patreon Campaign.

The Fund: Gathers support for those reconnecting people to water. 

Back our Go Deeper Patreon Campaign HERE or donate to the Blue Mind Fund online at this link. You’ll receive an email notification immediately from our fiscal sponsor The Ocean Foundation. Scroll down to the form and submit with the green PROCESS button (not the orange button in the upper right and lower left, which goes into the general TOF fund).


The Collective: Scientists, advocates, artists & more who've attended summits.

Blue Mind Partners + Practitioners  Blue Mind Summit Presenters  Blue Mind Research  Blue Mind Media

The Tribe: A special group of patrons that supports the Blue Mind Fund. 

The Tribe places its trust in our innovative and highly collaborative work. Partnering with several leading non-profit organizations, a wide range of international students, and businesses across many sectors all leads to a bigger, wider, stronger blue movement for wild, healthy oceans and waterways.

Blue Mind Life Carpool Book Club

Dr. Nichols interviews authors who write about the cognitive, emotional. psychological, social and spirtual benefits of being near, in, on or under waterways and oceans, pools and tubs. In other words "blue mind". They discuss these topics as the author reads some favorite passages while safely driving along by the water. There may be caffeine involved.

Blue Mind Life connects the dots:

Neuroscience and psychology, nature and conservation, art and science, poetry and practice in profoundly important new ways. The result is an emerging, exciting, fast-growing new field we call Neuroconservation. With new research and more discoveries about "blue space" yet to come.

Early benefits of this inquiry have already extended to public health, education, parenting, business, coastal planning, travel, real estate, sports and recreation, and most importantly restoring and rebuilding our personal, ancient emotional connection with healthy waterways.

Blue Mind Life helps those working with and for our blue planet to do their jobs better by providing deeper insights and new questions about the science of "our brains on water".

While only some of our questions have been adequately answered, dots are being connected between disciplines and new narratives woven together.

In addition to the Conservation and Environmental fields we work closely with many sectors to share the Blue Mind message: Health and Well-Being, Education and Parenting, Arts, Design and Architecture, Real Estate and Planning, Travel and Leisure, Sports and Recreation.

Contact us if you are interested in Blue Mind books, summits, training, workshops, retreats, or inviting a keynote from Dr. Nichols for your team.