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The LiVBLUE Angels are the patrons who support J financially and with their trust in doing innovative and highly collaborative work with several leading non-profit organizations, a wide range of international students and businesses across many sectors. All leading to a bigger, wider, stronger blue movement for wild, healthy oceans and waterways. It's his life's work and what he loves, excels, and works very hard at. This "sea star" approach, based in building diverse and unexpected relationships, generating new and needed understanding, and sharing both as widely and freely as possible, wouldn't be possible without the generosity and steady committment of the LiVBLUE Angels.

LiVBLUE Angels are ocean and water lovers who fight for and deeply love what they believe in. Knowing they share our vision for a healthier waters is very motivating for our team of students and collaborators.

Fast Company calls LiVBLUE Angels "a personal kickstarter for one marine biologist" but it's much more than that.

By making a monthly recurring contribution of any size to support J's work, his LiVBLUE Angels allow him to remain an independent scientist, artful collaborator, voracious advocate, and passionate communicator in a time when new ideas and the freedom to express them are sorely needed.

J. continues to work on behalf of sea turtles and aquatic wildlife, collaborating with and advising many organizations to help make oceans and waterways safer and working with coastal communities and grassroots organizations around the world.

He is also leading an effort to connect the seemingly disparate fields of neuroscience and ocean exploration through Blue Mind. Nichols has become a leading voice in the emerging new field called neuroconservation that is growing quickly through partnerships with businesses, governments, health practitioners, and ecologists..

Sincethe launch of the New York Times bestseller Blue MInd Dr. Nichols has given nearly 100 keynote addresses and talks, 90% of which were pro bono. The LiVBLUE Angels make that possible.

Wherever he goes Dr. Nichols also constantly mentors and supports the next generation of leaders, both informally and formally, as a member of graduate student committees and as an advisor to numerous educational programs. The LiVBLUE Angels make this important work with young conservation leaders possible.

J's is a science advisor and a board member for many leading ocean, conservation, and education organizations. He is committed to building a stronger, smarter, better connected, and more effective environmental movement.

This atypical style of sharing and collaboration requires a special group of supporters.

By now you're aware that YOU can be part of our LiVBLUE Angels tribe, working hard and collaborating globally for the ocean, by making a recurring monthly pledge of any size.

You'll enjoy early access to new ideas, research, gatherings, and media as well as an invitation to the annual LiVBLUE Angels Appreciation Dinner.

Deep Blue Angels who make a recurring monthly donation of $100 or more will get a bronze wave buckle made by sculptor Joshua Hoy. You'll always see J. wearing his!

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